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A kitchen design in Paris

Haussmann's revisit

Layout and decoration of a kitchen in a Haussmannian apartment in Paris

An apartment left in its own right for decades, with the small service kitchen away from the reception rooms: this is what this property looked like when customers bought it. By completely redistributing the apartment and opening the new kitchen to the dining room, we were able to imagine the room according to the tastes of the customers, while retaining the cachet of the old: Hungarian point parquet, fireplace, trumeau, moldings ... Welcome to this visit combining the old and the design with finesse.

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Paris (75)

  • Type: Residential

  • Inspiration : Haussmannian District (Paris)

  • Style: Contemporary, haussmannian

  • Main materials: parquet, chevron, cement tiles.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

Parquet, fireplace, large mirror, moldings, shades of gray... we have kept the Haussmannian spirit of this room, as well as consistency with the living room. The finesse of the furniture is present, and does not weigh down the space.

Regarding the kitchen, we have nevertheless replaced the parquet with cement tiles, for ease of use and daily maintenance. Their modern and dynamic patterns begin the color palette of this space: off-white, gray, and golden brown. We will find this harmony in a more accentuated way, with the gray of the kitchen fronts, the chairs and the mirror, which give contrast to the very bright room, thanks to the off-white that can be found on almost all the walls. The one on the credenza, mustard yellow, adds some peps to the whole, by being used on the chairs, the niche of the sideboard and a few accessories, to balance the dynamism of color.

The chairs, by their interweaving of sinuous and dynamic lines, bring a real lightness and modernity to the space. We find similar lines in the bulbs of the suspensions above the island, just to push the detail a little further. As for the large Vertigo pendant lamp which takes place above the table, its presence is at the same time remarkable, by its size, without weighing down, thanks to its lightness.

The project "before"...