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A colorful and poetic living room in Annecy

Sunset over the cherry trees of Japan

Decoration of a colorful and poetic living room in Annecy

The new owners have entrusted us with decorating this house with a desire for color and escape. Mixing midnight blue with soft pink, inspired by the colors of certain sunsets, we brought a wind of poetry in this interior, while highlighting the height under the ceiling of the dining room in a more graphic way, like an Art Gallery.

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Annecy (74)

  • Type: Residential

  • Inspiration: Sunsets and Japan

  • Style: Contemporary, poetic

  • Main materials: tiles, wallpaper, fabric, wood.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

In this house where we have redecorated the entire ground floor, this large living room was the starting point for a colorful and poetic atmosphere, where midnight blue and soft pink blend with strength and softness , enhanced by fine details of brass and black. The cathedral roof of the dining room was sublimated by this midnight blue ceiling and the use of large frames for an "art gallery" effect around the window, giving value to the view of the garden, such as: a table among the tables . The large suspensions of different sizes in abaca paper underline the room's high ceiling height, while providing a natural material that complements the many touches of sisal, rattan and wood present throughout the decoration. The chairs, blue and brass, echo their high version present in the kitchen, which retains the same color codes. Indeed, pale pink, midnight blue and solid walnut boxes come to dress this warm kitchen where brass and black, once again, are present in the details such as the throats, the taps, the sink, and even in the suspensions of the island where we find a trio of black marble, brass and cork. The black marble recalls the lamp in the hall, but also the coffee table in the living room and the adjacent console, which brings chic to a natural and colorful decor .  

The great strength of the living room, however, lies in the panoramic wallpaper, representing a cherry tree whose flowers fly out of the window, like a poetic breath that sets the decor , completed by the swallows that can be found in flight on the wall. neighbor. The large pendant in the shape of petals echoes a natural setting, both in its shape and its material, while in the entrance, we once again find brass details in the suspension and the hooks, associated with materials. natural like the raw wood of the console and the natural fibers of the low chair. The whole is enhanced by the midnight blue, which creates a strong contrast from the entrance.  

This chromatic, with a different dosage and balance, has been the common thread of all the rooms on the ground floor (master bedroom, bathroom, office, WC), which you will soon be able to discover in the portfolio. .

On the work side, beyond the painting aspect, we opened the kitchen to the living room by creating a glass roof in the load-bearing wall , while the imposing fireplace in the dining room has been changed for a more discreet stove and today hui oriented in the living room for more comfort. As for the floor, it has been replaced by imitation parquet tiles, the aim of which is to subsequently continue it onto the large outdoor terrace to extend the gaze towards nature.

The project "before"...