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A desk to telework in Annecy

Coworking at home

Layout and decoration of a home office in Annecy

In this house where we have completely renovated the ground floor, this office is intended to accommodate both the young student of the house and the parents during teleworking sessions. Tailor-made to meet their storage and workspace needs, this functional desk follows the aesthetic common thread of the living room to which you go out (see here) when you leave the office.

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Annecy (74)

  • Type: Residential

  • Inspiration: Sunsets and coworking spaces

  • Style: Contemporary

  • Main materials: tiles, wallpaper, wood.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

In this home office, the customers' desire was to be able to work in pairs simultaneously. First thought for their young teenager, the office should be able to receive classmates to work on common projects, in a more or less formal way. The sofa therefore brings this more cozy aspect to group work, since you can move the side table in front of it if necessary. As for the large custom-designed cabinet, it can comfortably accommodate two people, in addition to the storage it hides behind its many doors. On the side, open niches complete this storage for items more easily within reach, such as the printer, while the worktop increases in depth with a corner drawer in the bevel. Undermount niches and drawers provide more storage comfort, while a glass board - in the colors of the decor - allows you to take notes efficiently.

In terms of decoration, the common thread of the whole of the ground floor was followed, with a chromatic of midnight blue and old pink, which can be found on the furniture, the glass table, the convertible sofa, the light fixtures and wallpaper with small squares, reminiscent of school notebooks, and echoing the plaid.

Le sol crée une continuité avec la pièce de vie et réchauffe la pièce par son aspect bois, alors que la suspension en céramique crée l'élément de détail avec son nœud en cuir, qui vient rappeler les chaises, les sous-mains, les accoudoirs du sofa et les passants des rideaux en lin, eux-mêmes en cuir.

Pour finir, la table d'appoint en métal noir et terrazzo crée du contraste dans cette pièce en faisant écho aux éléments de détail que l'on retrouve ailleurs dans cette maison, mais aussi sur les détails du bureau : tubes noirs du sofa, porte-crayons en terrazzo, etc.

The project "before"...