décoration de la salle de pause d'un centre de formations au style industriel à Compiègne, par l'architecte d'intérieur Coralie Vasseur.

A training center in Compiègne

Awakening in Cappadocia

Arrangement and decoration of the break room of a training center

This digital school was moving to expand, and it is 800m² of premises that we have redesigned, renovated, fitted out and decorated. This break room was THE big blind room in the building, and it had to be given a relaxing atmosphere while making it functional. An invitation to travel thanks to this wallpaper which sublimates the height under the ceiling, an industrial style with soft colors, and here we are, sharing a game of ping-pong in the middle of a lunch.

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Compiègne (60)

  • Type: Professional - training center

  • Inspiration : Cappadoce (Turkey)

  • Style: Industrial

  • Main materials: wood, metal, wallpaper.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

Media Management called on our agency to decorate its new premises when the school moved. This new space, Elevator 301, is dedicated to training in digital professions. Around 800m² of offices and training spaces have been renovated and decorated, but the strong point of this new building remains the learners' break room. With a ceiling height of almost 4 meters, the panoramic wallpaper creates the graphic element of this space. With its hot air balloons which create a nod to the elevator (symbol of the rise in skills), we also find digital illustration work in the clouds, which invite you to relax in this break room. The furniture was designed in an industrial spirit, which was the will of the client, and the mix of colors of the seats echoes the wallpaper. The central table turns into a ping-pong table for a moment of relaxation and cohesion among the groups of learners, while the kitchen has been designed to facilitate movement in space: you enter this room from the middle. from the kitchen.

On the lighting side, the pendant lights had to meet a strong need for lighting since the room was originally blind, before the wall adjoining the meeting room was opened through two large bay windows.