décoration d'un bar restaurant au style industriel et jungle à Compiègne, par l'architecte d'intérieur Coralie Vasseur.

A bar-restaurant in Compiègne

Trek in Amazon

Layout and decoration of a trendy bar-restaurant with an industrial jungle spirit

It used to be a brewery. The new buyers have decided to revitalize this large downtown plateau by creating a bar restaurant in their image: friendly and relaxed. Mixing the industrial style with the jungle spirit, here we are in the world of EAP's Café. But that's not all: a large stage can be organized to become warm. So we make a clean sweep of what already exists, and we redesign the spaces to meet all the constraints: bar, restaurant, space that can be privatized, evening entertainment, safety standards ...

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Compiègne (60)

  • Type: Professional - Bar restaurant

  • Inspiration : Amazon forest (Brazil)

  • Style: Jungle, industrial

  • Main materials: wood, metal, wallpaper, leather, vegetal.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

The layout of this Compiégnois bar-restaurant is the result of a collaborative effort between the three founding partners of EAP's CAFE and Coralie Vasseur. Three men, with a desire for an industrial atmosphere in their new concept of the city center, asked me to accompany them to think about the places of this already existing space. With my more feminine touch, I took them on board in my world made of authenticity and reminders of travel. Wood, leather, metal, burlap, a stabilized plant logo, diverted straw hats in suspension, and even recycled rum cases as a bench: the whole is intended to be harmonious, invites you to relaxation and removes the coldness of the pure and hard industrial style. Wallpapers and wall coverings set the tone for originality and surprise at first effect, while retaining their invitation to escape even when you know the place well.

The great difficulty of this project was to break this large tray surrounded by bay windows, in order to make the different spaces of the restaurant more intimate. Customers wanted an area that could be privatized, an entertainment area (concerts, football matches, etc.) while making the places warm, avoiding the "canteen" aspect. We therefore worked on different areas:

  • the glass roof, which can be completely closed thanks to the sliding doors, allows groups to privatize part of the restaurant, or quite simply to escape the hubbub during the more lively evenings.

  • the cozy lounge, very pleasant for a drink with friends, invites you to relax.

  • the guest table - made from a single piece of solid wood over 5 meters long - invites you to share a quick meal.

  • the small bench space: semi-partitioned on both sides, you feel isolated from the passage without being too locked in your corner. barrels: perfect for an aperitif and the bar.

The project "before"...