décoration d'une agence de recrutement au style contemporain à Chantilly, par l'architecte d'intérieur Coralie Vasseur.

A recruitment agency in Chantilly

Between sea and mountain

Decoration of the offices of a recruitment agency, in the colors of the company

The premises are expanding, the agency is modernized ... that's when the managers asked us to support them in giving their offices a professional and welcoming image. Two areas (recruitment and support) that we have illustrated in a graphic and subtle way by the two themes used by customers: the sea and the mountains.

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Chantilly (60)

  • Type: Professional - offices

  • Inspiration : between sea and mountain

  • Style: Contemporary, graphic

  • Main materials: fabric, felt, wallpaper, biocomposite material.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

When the BMC firm (human resources) contacted the agency to rethink the layout of its offices, it had just enlarged the premises by recovering an additional room. The company being in a former stable, certain constraints related to the place did not allow us to touch the walls.

Specialized in recruitment and support, the firm located in Chantilly wanted to take the opportunity to review the decoration of its offices by clearly distinguishing the two poles. Their communication being based on the parallel between recruitment and the world of the sea on the one hand, and support / skills development and the mountains on the other hand, we decided to create a professional atmosphere, in the colors of the company, while providing a graphic and subtle relationship to these elements.

The fact of having stayed in an illustrated wall decoration creates a common thread between the different spaces while avoiding overloading, or even misleading the activity of the office (photos of mountains and seascape could have suggested that we are in a travel agency). The very felted fabrics of the suspensions and the chairs bring back a little warmth to the decoration which is mainly composed of cold colors. The shape of the meeting tables invites discussion and once again recalls the world of the sea with their pebble shape. The kitchenette that was once completely open to the large desk is now hidden by Japanese panels to keep the view clean.