décoration des bureaux d'une startup au style coloré et décontracté à Senlis, par l'architecte d'intérieur Coralie Vasseur.

A decoration startup in Senlis

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Layout and decoration of a startup's offices in flex-office mode

Key in hand, the startup DecoWorkers needed to set up its new offices in a relaxed atmosphere and where the flex office was the watchword. Having carte blanche in the atmosphere, we have mixed colors and materials to energize the places, with a common thread common to the whole: conviviality.

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Senlis (60)

  • Type: Professional - offices

  • Inspiration : Brisbane (Australia)

  • Style: Contemporary, graphic

  • Main materials: fabric, leather, wallpaper, wood.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

The startup DecoWorkers wanted to make its offices a friendly and dynamic place, with a "like at home" spirit, far from the classic codes of the workspace.

One of the main criteria was also to opt for a "flex office" layout, and to imagine being able to work seated, standing, in a sofa or on a chair. We have therefore opted for maximum flexibility, while structuring the space according to needs: a lounge area to receive customers and partners, a bench desk to work efficiently with the screens, a bar plan for sitting or standing work. without visual distraction, and the "dining room", which acts as a room for creativity and brainstorming. The atmosphere is dynamic, colorful and warm, with a hint of travel. The color comes to structure the spaces, while the wood comes to warm and bind the whole.

In the brainstorming room, the table, by its shape, promotes discussion and circulation, while its glass top lets the gaze and light pass through this small volume. The harmony of warm colors, ranging from terracotta to ocher via camel, is found in most seats, creating this red thread through fabric and leather, which brings an extra soul to the atmosphere.

Some elements were intended to be very graphic, such as the creation of illustrated portraits of team members, a nod to the graphic universe of Splandeed, a platform of archi-deco-design solutions developed by DecoWorkers.