Décoration d'une chambre de fille à Genève par le studio Coralie Vasseur

A girl's bedroom in Geneva

In the regions of Abisko

Layout and decoration of a young girl's room in Geneva

New house, new room, new decoration. The young Eva, full of passions, opened the doors of her world to us and we took pleasure in making the decor of her cocoon concrete. Inspired by the wild forests of Lapland, where nature and magic blend with beauty, we have created a setting where the subtle details of the young girl's different universes coexist and can grow with her.

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Geneva (Switzerland)

  • Type: Residential

  • Inspiration : National park of Abisko (Sweden)

  • Style: Scandinavian, nature

  • Main materials: wood, linen, wallpaper.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

Completely renovated, this room was to accommodate the beautiful Eva, with multiple inspirations. Animals, travel, Harry Potter, and many other passions made up her wishlist. Our role was to channel the whole to create a universe in its own right, in which this young girl on the verge of adolescence will be able to evolve in the long term. Each detail has been thought out in a subtle and delicate way to echo his different inspirations, while creating a soft and peaceful common thread, tinged with pastel colors and populated by forest animals. The wallpaper gives the LA, while the wooden bird lamp sits on a bedside table in the shape of a birdhouse. The very light suspension in the shape of a flower brings femininity to this atmosphere which invites nature, while a master crow on his perched tree, illuminates the hushed readings of a wise child. This piece of furniture was besides designed to measure, so as to include the various functionalities which Eva needed: a dressing part, storage for her creative hobbies and her games, but also for her school books. The reading niche was the bonus offered during the creation, which was unanimously approved, while the office area is adorned with Scandinavian furniture, from which our inspiration came to tie all of Eva's wishes.

The project "before"...