Décoration d'une chambre d'enfant à Paris par le Studio Coralie Vasseur

A child's bedroom in Paris

Behind the masks of the Inca city

Layout and decoration of a living room in a Haussmannian apartment in Paris

The charm of the old comes here to welcome a contemporary and colorful decoration, where copper takes place to bring warm reflections to the space and give it the impression of expanding even more. The strong colors come to energize the luminous decor while the period elements such as the parquet floor, the moldings or the fireplace provide a historic and chic setting for this heterogeneous ensemble.

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Paris (75)

  • Type: Residential

  • Inspiration : Machu Picchu (Peru)

  • Style: Contemporary

  • Main materials: wood, fabrics.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

Welcome to 6-year-old Tom's room.

His parents wanted to create a universe for him that corresponds to what he loves, and at the same time, in which he will be able to grow up. We therefore have a room with soft notes, bright and not too childish. The bed, with large two-tone drawers, goes perfectly with the desk in the same range, and completes the atmosphere of serenity found in the range of wall colors. These large drawers allow Tom to organize all of his toys to keep the space fluid and uncluttered when not in use. The shelves created in the recess, which is the old opening to the living room, act as a library, and the desk also remains functional with its drawers and large top. Tennis fan, the beanbag representing a ball allows him to relax or read at his convenience. And if he wants to enjoy his books in the evening in his bed, the selected wall lamp allows him to have an auxiliary light as well as a directional light which serves as a reading light.

The curtains, cushions, and wall decorations add a dynamic and youthful touch to the room, to keep a "child universe" so that Tom feels good in his room. The office chair, the carpet, the lamp, and the pendant light are reminiscent of khaki in a slightly more pronounced way than on the wall, in order to bring a little contrast to the space without darkening it. In short, a little boy's cocoon that can easily evolve over the years.

The project "before"...