Espace de coworking à Lille par Coralie Vasseur, architecte d'intérieur

A coworking and co-creativity space in Lille

In the jungle of Sigiriya

Planning and decoration of a multidisciplinary space in the premises of a startup

This Lille startup, by doubling the surface area of its premises, has created new services which have enabled it to completely rethink spaces: coworking, co-creativity, training, product testing ... one place, several possible activities depending on the tenants and times of the week. We then redesigned all the volumes to create this multidisciplinary space, while retaining an office space for the members of the team ... all in an ultra relaxed atmosphere.

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Lille (59)

  • Type: Professional - Offices

  • Inspiration : Sigiriya (Sri Lanka)

  • Style: Jungle

  • Main materials: wood, bolon, wallpaper, fabric.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

Customers have recovered a platform adjoining their workspace to create a new space dedicated to their customers. The key word was : multifunction. This space was to serve as well for coworking, co-creativity, meeting or training room, but also as a product testing room. Everything has therefore been thought out so that the room is easily modular, thanks to some of the furniture on casters. The kitchen was opened onto the space in order to increase the volume of work by using the lunch table also as a convivial meeting table. The islands separated by acoustic panels benefit from a certain phonic confidentiality, while being able to benefit from a whiteboard. A more isolated space allows users to work both seated and standing on a high table, enhanced with green plants that create a friendly and soothing aspect. As for the training aspect, a large wall covering at the back of the room serves as a whiteboard on which you can also project.

The monkey-shaped wall lights and the backsplash with foliage patterns lightly complement the jungle atmosphere found in other more subtle elements such as the colors of the flooring, the suspension above the oval table. , or the wood very present on the back wall. A mixture with a more graphic aspect as found in the wallpaper with large icons creates a working atmosphere that is at the same time bright, pleasant and sober, while making an impression. These few winks are much more present in the waiting room which constitutes the reception of the places, with a real bias installed: plant logo, graphic jungle wallpaper, rattan suspensions, and wood more present for an atmosphere warmer. The rest room, for its part, retains this graphic thread while inviting relaxation, with from the hammock, a view of a ceiling that recalls the color of the sun.

The project "before"...