Décoration d'un loft industriel street art par le studio Coralie Vasseur, architecte d'intérieur et décoratrice à Annecy

Decoration of a loft in Geneva

In the streets of Lisbon

Decoration of a family loft with an industrial street art atmosphere in Geneva

Customers already had some beautiful industrial-style rooms, but wanted to bring more character to them by adding color to the spaces. Having as a starting point a painting collected by clients, we have declined a mix of style between industrial and street-pop-art, bringing daring touches of color and furniture emblematic of design. Result in 3D images, before the work ...

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Geneva (Switzerland)

  • Type: Residential

  • Inspiration : the streets of Lisbon (Portugal)

  • Style: Industrial, pop-art, design

  • Main materials: wood, metal, fabrics.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

Large open rooms, a common thread to create, existing furniture ... customers needed to bring that extra soul to their interior when they entrusted us with their project. From the existing (a table, two professional pieces of furniture, a pinball machine and a painting), we were able to create around this industrial atmosphere a more colorful and daring decor, which comes to harmonize while creating a style apart. whole. To balance with the many edges of the architecture, we bring curves by the furniture (armchair, chairs, coffee tables) and by the details (lighting, clock, painting ...).

The entrance announces the color with a beautiful accentuation of the volume thanks to a play of nuances, while the illustrated portraits of the whole family give life and personality to this space. On the mezzanine, the lady's office gains in functionality thanks to the storage that we have just designed. In the dining room, the chairs and the curtains bring this balance between the two styles, while the highlight of the show takes place in the living room, where the designer armchair and the graphic carpet add a lot to the room. The street-art patterned curtains echo the dining room's painting, while the coffee tables are a nice nod to the metal wall letters that evoke the Moon. Everything is linked in detail, as much by the shapes as by the materials and the colors.

The project "before"...