Décoration d'une pièce de vie chic et poétique par l'agence d'architecture intérieure Coralie Vasseur à Annecy

A chic and poetic living room in Annecy

In the cotton of my dreams

Arrangement and decoration of a living room with a poetic universe in Annecy

Customers had just bought this apartment when they called us. They did not know how to furnish this room, nor what atmosphere to give it to feel good at home. We had carte blanche for this beautiful project where poetry comes to dress the walls of an enchanting universe, while mingling with a chic and refined spirit.

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Annecy (74)

  • Type: Residential

  • Inspiration : poetry and dreams

  • Style: Motley, chic

  • Main materials: wood, brass, wallpaper.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

The clients had just bought this new apartment when they called on the Coralie Vasseur agency. They wanted to keep their sofa and their piano, but were looking for solutions for the choice and arrangement of the rest of the furniture and decoration. The starting point was the choice of wallpaper, around which the atmosphere gradually took shape, to create this harmony made of blues, brass and dark wood to warm the whole. Indeed, the touches of brass that we find in the pattern of the wallpaper are recalled several times: on the lightings, the vases, the coffee tables, the hooks in the entrance, and even the base of the dining table. dinner as well as the handles of the chest. This dark wood sideboard brings elegance and warmth in front of the wallpaper, while echoing the dining table and low bookcases that create a separation in the room at the back of the sofa. Several touches of midnight blue bring dotted color into the space, starting with the entrance which has been highlighted to highlight a part that would have lacked aesthetics and depth in white.

Blue is also found in the living room carpet, in the pendant light, and in the occasional chairs, not to mention the large paintings. The chairs, for their part, let the gaze escape to the wallpaper which brings depth to the space, thanks to their transparency.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it. The real strength of this project ? A selection of wall paintings completes the decor, notably with this flight of birds coming out of the frame, which occupies a large empty wall without overloading it. The effect is full of poetry and lightness, while originality.

The project "before"...