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A large living room in Geneva

Safari in Masaï Mara

Layout and decoration of a large living room with an ethnic universe in Geneva

Travel memories, a desire for something new, and a large room with open angles that is not easy to furnish: the clients called on us for help to accompany them in their project to transform this living room. A few nods to their memories of travels here and there, a tailor-made layout and a harmonious decoration down to the smallest detail, here is the result in pictures.

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Geneva (Switzerland)

  • Type: Residential

  • Inspiration : Masaï Mara National park (Kenya)

  • Style: Contemporary, ethnic

  • Main materials: wood, leather, wallpaper, stone, metal, concrete.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

A desire for change, for light, and to modernize the main room of the house: this is the reason why our customers contacted us. Having traveled quite a bit on their own, they wanted to highlight their travel memories without falling into the cliché. We have therefore collaborated in this direction to create an atmosphere that resembles them: refined, warm, modern and with a few nods to travel. And as usual, we took great pleasure in working on the subtlety of detail, which can be found here and there: the pendant light echoes the striped pattern of the carpet, but also the lamp a little further on, on the sideboard, and the wallpaper in the hall, which announces the color. The touch of terracotta color concealed on the wall arrangement and the sideboard create a reminder to the wall that warmly delimits the dining area. Then the wood, the anthracite, the concrete of the fireplace and the dining table, ... everything is in its place.

The real strength of this project ? It is the custom-made wall composition designed by us. The particularity of this house lies in its angles which are not right angles. We wanted to use it to give a new perspective to the living room and to widen it in order to take advantage of the beautiful volume. By creating these modules of different dimensions, the wall is rhythmic without being cluttered. By continuing the low line on the other side of the fireplace, the living room stretches right through and then takes advantage of the entire volume. Each storage is designed for the needs of customers: TV cabinet, bar, storage, ...

The project "before"...