Aménagement et décoration d'une pièce de vie à Talloires par le studio Coralie Vasseur, architecte d'intérieur à Annecy

A living room in Talloires

An autumn in the Dolomites

Layout and decoration of a living room in autumnal colors in Talloires

Customers bought this property and immediately wanted to create something functional, with a decoration that suits them. The beautiful height under the ceiling begged to be emphasized, and it is thanks to the verticality of the panoramic wallpaper that the volume effect could be sustained. Both colors and materials invite calm, like the Dolomite mountains in autumn.

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Talloires (74)

  • Type: Residential

  • Inspiration : the Dolomites (Italy)

  • Style: Contemporary, graphic

  • Main materials: wood, leather, wallpaper.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

Purchased off-plan, this very bright apartment has the characteristic of having a very high ceiling but shallow living room, which made it difficult for clients to project themselves into it. The volumes of the entrance immediately inspired us with a very graphic play of colors to highlight these geometric shapes. A wallpaper, also graphic, accentuates the 3m50 under ceiling with its verticality, while bringing chic to the atmosphere of the room, with its marbled pattern. The lines of the carpet create a horizontal-vertical continuity with the wallpaper, while providing a large, bright and cozy area on the floor. A custom-made piece of furniture structures the different functionalities of the space, with a TV cabinet, a desk , a bookcase and a lot of storage, which were the essential need of the customer. This piece of furniture facilitates the fluidity of the look in the room by its uniformity, and avoids the aspect "pieces of furniture placed next to each other" which risked making the whole messy.

The oval table brings roundness to this geometry, for more user-friendliness. We find this softness in the suspension and coffee tables, but also in the ottomans, which balance the shapes of the room.

The colorful harmony is inspired by my trip to the mountains, an autumn in the Dolomites, where the warm hues mingled with the green colors of the conifers.

The project "before"...