Décoration d'un double salon Haussmannien à Paris par le Studio Coralie Vasseur

A double Haussmannian living room in Paris

Reflections of Copper Island

Layout and decoration of a living room in a Haussmannian apartment in Paris

The charm of the old comes here to welcome a contemporary and colorful decoration, where copper takes place to bring warm reflections to the space and give it the impression of expanding even more. The strong colors come to energize the luminous decor while the period elements such as the parquet floor, the moldings or the chimney pose a historical and chic framework to this heterogeneous ensemble.

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Paris (75)

  • Type: Residential

  • Inspiration : Haussmannian District (Paris)

  • Style: Contemporary, Haussmannian

  • Main materials: parquet, chevron, leather, fabrics.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

This 160m² apartment in the 17th arrondissement in Paris had remained frozen in time, not only by its decoration, but also by the arrangement of its rooms, typical of Haussmannian apartments.

Everything was to be reviewed and the renovation work lasted several months before revealing the light of what it is today. We only kept a few existing elements, but they were enough to keep the spirit of the apartment: the Hungarian point parquet, the old fireplaces and old mirrors, as well as some moldings. From there, the goal was to completely modernize the place, while respecting the finesse of the Haussmann style.

Here, the large entrance has been split in two, to provide storage space for the whole family. Open to the double living room, we wanted to keep a guideline between the two, namely the harmony of colors and materials.


Between TV area and "cocktail lounge", everything is linked in this large 38m² lounge.

The lower part of the walls, darker, brings a cozy side while letting in as much light as possible, thanks to the light gray at the top. The sofas, of the same model and the same fabric, have the only difference in their shape (straight for one, corner for the other), which creates consistency between the two spaces. This same fabric is used in the buttons of the armchairs, on the library side, to play the reminder down to the details. The latter, orange, bring a tonic touch to this space, to energize the whole.

Orange can also be found in the carpet, the headboards and stripes of curtains, the furniture niches (TV cabinet and entrance console) and on the chair in the office area. The coppery coffee tables, for their part, respond to the various lighting fixtures right up to the entrance, as well as some decorative accessories. And on the wood side, no confusion or overly visible mixture of gasoline: everything is clear, from the parquet floor to the office, through the bookcase, the legs of the sofas or even the TV cabinet, and up to the bases of the wall lights (the detail, always detail!).

Finesse, elegance, and modernity mingle dynamically in this space where the inhabitants circulate in all fluidity and find there the warmth that they were looking for.

The project "before"...