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A restaurant in the heart of nature in COmpiègne

The wild flight

Decoration of a restaurant in Compiègne

This restaurant located by the ponds needed a little refreshment to regain its sparkle and character. We were hired at the end of the confinement to "make up" this place in the exceptional setting, without touching the furniture. Colors, lighting, wallpaper, ... details have transformed this restaurant for a rebound with great potential.

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Les étangs de l'Abbaye (60)

  • Type: Restaurant

  • Inspiration: local nature

  • Style: Contemporary & natural

  • Main materials: wood, wallpaper, leather.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

In this restaurant, we intervened at the end of the confinement period to bring new impulse to the place, with the aim of attracting new customers. The whole decor was rather monochrome, varying in camaieu of brown hues, which we came to enhance with an anthracite ceiling. Thus, the beams are now highlighted, and the atmosphere is more chic. A publisher's wallpaper has been selected to bring personality to the walls, while respecting the surrounding natural setting. Some lights have also been changed: the bamboo wall lamp and pendant lights now respond to a logic of natural materials already present in the restaurant, while the black ceiling lights now blend into the new color of the ceiling.