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A living room in La Roche-sur-Foron

The Ascent of the Mont Blanc

Renovation and decoration of a living room inspired by the mountain

The space is large, especially in height. On the ground, it was necessary to purify, free up space and optimize it in order to facilitate circulation and meet all the expectations of this family. We have therefore come to harmonize the whole with the shades of the mountain, looking up to the summits, those which now adorn the cathedral wall of the living room. Accented by the railing of the new staircase, this ascent transports us to all the decoration details, with all the lightness of a hot-air balloon, such as the suspensions that culminate in the living room.

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: La Roche-sur-Foron (74)

  • Type: Residential

  • Inspiration : The Mont Blanc (France)

  • Style: Contemporary, poetic, mountain

  • Main materials: wood, fabrics, metal, leather.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

From the entrance to the living room, passing by the kitchen and the dining room, this large open room deserved to be redesigned with harmony. Customers encountered a few constraints on a daily basis, particularly related to storage, circulation and organization of space. We left with a blank sheet of paper to reinterpret their space according to their needs.

In the kitchen, a more optimized layout has taken place, but it was above all the starting point of our chromatic atmosphere. Walnut and forest green fronts, black granite worktop from Zimbabwe with a leather feel, we find high chairs and leather switches, which make the link through texture. The black details such as the faucet, the wall lamp with articulated arm or the chair legs, meanwhile, bring this touch of elegance that comes to enhance the whole thanks to the contrast. On the ground, we wanted to make an existing constraint a strong asset of the project; a difference in flatness between the kitchen and the dining room has become a black band that continues up to the ceiling, thus creating a frame with a trompe l'oeil effect that dies in the countertop of the bar. This is an unusual angle of view with high added value.

The dining room is bright, thanks to a fenix table top and light-colored fabric chairs. The table legs, in walnut, echo the storage unit and the kitchen, but also the TV cabinet found in the living room. The forest green niches that adorn these two storage units are a measured reminder of the kitchen cabinets. A mountain-shaped wallpaper creates a scenography in this space, highlighting the walnut cabinet on a dark background. The large round mirror reflects natural light by redefining the angle of this room. The suspension in the shape of a mountain is a subtle nod to the general evocation of the atmosphere of the places, whose owners are mountain lovers.

In the living room, the sofas have been deliberately chosen in this fabric which takes on different looks depending on the light, and which brings this relaxing feeling to this part of the room. The lounge chair, in the same fabric but lighter in color, balances our chromaticity while creating a welcoming reading corner thanks to the custom-designed niches under the stairs. Here, no coffee table! The lifestyle of customers wants to give pride of place to the large graphic carpet and the mess of poufs, so that dogs and children can play, lie down, or watch television in a completely free posture.

Finally, each element is a detail chosen with consistency, like the pendant lights in the living room which recall the dining room lamp in the shape of a hot air balloon, soaring towards the tops of the living room. In the entrance, bench and coat hooks continue our chromaticity, while the sheet of stone behind the stove is reminiscent of the slate commonly found in chalets.

The project "before"...