Décoration d'une maison de maitre à Annecy par Coralie Vasseur, votre architecte d'intérieur en Haute Savoie. Salle à manger chic et moderne avec sa grande bibliothèque sur-mesure en chêne et acier bleu

Une maison de maître in Annecy

In the steps of the Giant's Causeway

Renovation and decoration of a living room with a chic atmosphere and tailor-made design

A 4 x 3 meter bookcase designed entirely to measure made of wood and steel, hexagonal shapes present in different elements even in the multi-height coffee tables that recall the giant's causeway, a panoramic covering the wall facing the window, like the mirror in the garden ... the strengths of this project are numerous, and blend elegantly in an authentic decor.

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Annecy (74)

  • Type: Residential

  • Inspiration : Giant's Causeway (Ireland)

  • Style: Chic, classic, graphic

  • Main materials: oak, metal, velvet, recycled wood, wallpaper.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

The strong point of the project is this custom-designed 4x3 meter bookcase which sets the decor between oak and steel, the midnight blue color of which is used as a common thread even in the living room. Another strong element of the project: the hexagonal shapes, inspired by the giant's causeway , create rhythm at the level of the coffee tables which become easily adjustable according to the number of guests. All the pendant lights (living room and dining room) echo this graphic and organic form . Finally, the wallpaper with plant motifs comes to rest like a reflection of the garden , whose large windows mirror the outside.

Zoom on the library : this majestic 4x3 meter layout was co-designed with our JOA partners, where every detail has been thought out so as to place the customer at the heart of the project: from the storage capacity to the dimensions of the niches, personal effects customers find their place there. The finesse design of this bookcase is based on a play of drop shadows that give it a lot of lightness, especially in the artificial light at the end of the day. Indeed, the upper part being shallower than the lower body, we were able to let the existing moldings live and create this shadow effect which brings poetry to this interior.

The project "before"...