Salle d'eau graphique noir blanc et bois à Annecy

A graphic bathroom in Annecy

Walk along the coast of Zadar

Renovation and decoration of a tailor-made bathroom with a graphic atmosphere

Mainly intended for the use of the children of this family, this bathroom had to be ultra functional and full of life. "Storage" was the watchword in the specifications for this narrow room, the layout of which has been completely redesigned to optimize space and facilitate circulation while avoiding the rush of the morning. A toilet has also been added, thanks to the enlargement of the room on the landing.

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Annecy (74)

  • Type: Residential

  • Inspiration : The sea organ of Zadar (Croatia)

  • Style: Graphic, contemporary

  • Main materials: wood, earthenware.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

Functional and graphic, this bathroom for children is dynamic and bright. Completely renovated and even enlarged, its particularity lies in the narrow and long shape of the room, which we have optimally rearranged in order to facilitate movement in the space and the storage capacity. This is how the shower ended up in the back of the room and a suspended storage column partly conceals the latter. The washbasin cabinet, like any storage element in this room, was tailor-made by the Studio to fit the smallest cm². The spiky columns are the main asset of the project: they make it possible to store a maximum of products while taking up a minimum of space on traffic. And of course, everything is both open and hidden from the entrance to the room, making the room look uncluttered and tidy all the time. This form is found in the herringbone-shaped earthenware tiles that can be found on the floor and which continue on the wall, for a more graphic effect, in black, white and wood. This color code is included in the details of the concealed fittings, the fixing of the shower screen, or even in the tailor-made fittings.

The entrance to the room has been modified to create a toilet area that is hidden by the door when you open the room, for more discretion. In summary, this bathroom with a strong graphic character is nonetheless refined by its many well-thought-out storage spaces designed by Studio Coralie Vasseur.

The project "before"...