3D photoréaliste d'une salle de conférence

A dental office in Compiègne

Visit at the Imperial Palace

Creation of a dental practice "which does not look like it" in Compiègne

The client's desire: to create a dental practice inspired by the imperial aspect of the city of Compiègne, and which above all, should not look like a dental practice. Indeed, most patients do not like going to the dentist, so we decided to give them confidence from the reception to make them forget where they are and reassure them. The imperial theme was strongly inspired by the city, the castle and its park, with the arches as a guideline, which can be found both at the kiosk or in the alleys of the park, as in certain rooms of the castle or on the facades of buildings. Visit of this cabinet unlike any other ...

The project in a few words ...

  • Location: Compiègne (60)

  • Type: Professional

  • Inspiration : The Imperial Palace of Compiègne (60)

  • Style: Chic, classic, Haussmannian

  • Main materials: wood, velvet, wallpaper.

The project in pictures

The project in detail

Inspired by the rooms of the castle and its park, this Compiégnois dental practice follows a strong theme : the Imperial Palace. From the optical illusion wallpapers with their moldings and woodwork, to the arches that can be found in the custom-designed reception arrangement to the suspension of the conference room, nothing is left behind. chance to create this common thread which is nonetheless colorful. Indeed, the wine lees married to the peacock blue brings a strong and chic colored contrast which reassures and brings character to the space, which was sorely lacking in spite of the beautiful building. The suspension in the waiting room is reminiscent of the hats that we take out at the Sunday garden party, while the velvet curtains bring a felted and theatrical side to the place. Televisions are an integral part of the decor, on easels or on the wall mixed with other works, such as an art gallery.

The project "before"...